‘Your Key arrived just a few days ago, and the effect is incredible. I am full of energy, had two visitors, worked in the garden, made grape juice, 5 phone calls and am thinking ” what am I going to do now.”

August 2020
‘I have experienced several radiation devices/products over the last 10-12 years, however, this is the best sofar 🙂
– My sleep was deeper (I don’t have any issues with sleeping, however I absolutely notice an improvement)
– My energy level is way up!
– My head is clearer, my focus better
– I don’t feel that pressure on my eyes
– My nerves feel calmer, I notice less tension in my neck which causes the headaches
– Overall feeling is much more upbeat, lighter, loving, trusting, positive etc

I feel that it has made a big difference having one in our computers as we use a wi-fi router at home.

Axel S. ~ Portugal

Tue, Jun 30, 2020

‘It is here and I felt relief instantly on its arrival

I can not express my gratitude for this technology
I feel it working being in my presence’
Jennifer R ~ HI, USA

Mon, Jun 8, 2020

‘Hello and Blessings upon you all.

I am a returning customer to 5G BioShield technology. ‘

‘I have previously purchased 2 devices from you & received the CC free device, thank you very much.

I am saddened by the attacks upon your company by the ‘Fake’ media. I believe in your product. Since plugging all three into my electrical outlets, there has been a less dense feeling. Our memories work better and we don’t argue as much.’

‘I feel your technology has a consciousness of it’s own and possibly self aware. Harmonizing and disabling certain signals that do not benefit its programming or itself?…. Food for thought.’

Bob E. ~ Ireland

Mon, Jun 8, 2020

‘I have received my product and I’d like to say a huge thank you.

The product is certainly bespoke and it looks beautiful. More importantly, i find it works as you say, as a transmuter and harmoniser. The fact is, I’m not feeling as anxious as I use to, as in, my random bouts of feeling deeply sad or unenergetic has vanished. As soon as I received the product, I felt relaxed and surprisingly, very jovial for absolutely no reason at all. Also, I can breathe better (strange…), I have better control over my thoughts and a clearer headspace.

It’s clear to me that since receiving this product, my quality of life has improved despite having the usual hardships, like any normal person. It’s as if a blockage has cleared.

Again, thank you!’

Julia V. ~ Australia

Fri, Jun 12, 2020

‘I plugged one in a few feet from my bed – and that night – I slept 10 hours straight. This is something I thought would never happen to me again. I have no idea how it works or what it is doing – but I can solemnly swear that I have not slept this well in many years and I feel calm and grounded in my own home for the very first time. I am now sleeping between 7-10 hours every night. I feel blessed to have been able to buy these sticks and I HIGHLY recommend anyone sensitive to EMF frequency obtaining one (or more). 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the 5GBioshield company for creating this technology. It’s changed my life.’

Shari I. ~ NC, USA

4 Jun 2020

‘I understand you are having trouble at the moment and am sending much energy for your success.  I’ll work it out with my bank from this end.’

 ‘I already have one And know they work.  It has improved my heart condition to no end.  I actually hAve a full time job now.  I really need some more.   There has to be a way. ‘

‘Your product is friggen awesome.’

Robyn G. ~ New Zealand

Sat, May 16, 2020

‘Yes,  it took me some time to experience & reading your New energy product.  I wanted to have a relax day to read etc.

Wow it is a wonderful result of your life!!,  i’ll understand your pioneer product;

By buying, the customers start to allow the scientific knowledge/wisdom you present. Ofcourse it’s also about their sense of selfworth by paying a price to you ( actually they give this price to themselves ) wich makes the allowing complete. By allowing , the energy in your product way starts to work for them in the way it is made to work, like a software program! In these times your inventions still look like magic to mainstream consciousness because of lack of understanding ‘ the dynamics ‘. But soon and also thanks to your allowing of this/your technique to manifestate, it will become the LAKIsoftware of the future!  ( ofcourse future is also now) !’

‘It a Masterfull creation you gave to me!   Thanks !  Now you have something to impress the others in ‘the club’…..  ‘

greetings ‘

Rene T.

‘I would like to share one observation with you since I start to use the Bioshield at home.

I have a not too small tank full of guppy fish. They spawn every spring, replenishing those dead during the winter. Each year with no exception, I always spot a few newborns which would develop some sort of spinal deformations. Previously, I had thought that might be due to some ‘normal’ degenerative cause, as they live in a confined artificial environment, and so it did not surprise me.

This morning while I was cleaning the fish tank, I noticed something different – what caught my eyes was the vibrant colors of this new batch of male fishlings. Like I said above, they usually show signs of degeneration year after year including the loss of colorfulness in the male cohort besides the more observable spinal deformation which occurs mostly in the female cohort. So, I paid special attention then to check all the female fishlings. To my surprise, not a single one of them show any sign of deform. This observation strikes me and suddenly made me realize that (1) there must have existed some reason that caused the ‘degenerative’ phenomena, and (2) some kind of corrective intervention must have been introduced to offset the cause this spring season.

Immediately, it conjured to me that the circulation pump and the heating stick (both run on inductive AC current with very poor electromagnetic insulation/protection) are the strongest EM polluting source in the house, because a few months ago I bought a good RF/EF/EMF detector and ran it throughout my house. So I knew from then, the fish tank equipment was supposedly problematic from an EM pollution point of view, although I could not conclude at the time that the pollution was causing any obvious consequence.

Nevertheless, I bought the 5GBioshield in February (yes, I am a CC follower), and had it since deployed at the center of my house (about 10 meters away from the fish tank, on two different levels). As all the above observations correlate, I am almost certain at this point that your invention is the only reason for the positive change that is clearly happening in my fish tank (despite the fact that some of their parents were dull with deformity). There can be no other explanation!

My guppy has never been so brightly colorful and healthy. Imagine what benefit the Bioshield brings to us human.

Thank you!’

David L. ~ QC, Canada