Efficacy Studies

In response to a recent negative article from the BBC Jacques has conducted countless double blind placebo study tests with Dr Natalie Calame at  her well known  health and prevention centre.

Here is an excerpt of the complete pilot study which will be published soon, from which a substantial summary is already available under the following reference: https://5gbioshield.com/efficacy-pilot-study-in-double-blind-vs-placebo-of-the-5gbioshield-usb-key/

Dark-Field Microscopy is used in the Health and Prevention Center in Colombier (www.cpsinfo.ch) to observe and evaluate vital blood. Vital blood meaning a fresh drop of blood, right after it was taken from the tip of a finger. A magnification of up to 1000x allows to clearly observe the blood cells and their movements (red and white blood cells etc). Many important indications and information can be gained from the visible form, size, shape and position of the blood components. With the help of a high-end microscope camera, you will examine on a screen the examination and evaluation of your blood with your own eyes in real-time.

JS, male, 46 years old

When entering into the room (blood taken from the ear):

The red blood cells are stacked on top of each other like rolls of coins .They are thus agglutinated to each other and lose the independence and vitality necessary for good oxygenation of the organism.

The efficacy of the QNL key can be gauged and proven by taking biological marker tests before and after exposure to mobile phones, with a USB key without QNL and in the presence of the USB key with QNL attached.


Using the QNL Bioshield, we distinctly notice many white light spots in the background, reminiscent of a starry sky in the blood sample. We call these small particles endobionts or microzymas, which are representative of a healthy and revitalized blood.

Mobile Phone+No USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone without QNL

The situation seems to have gotten worse: many spaces remain empty and the distribution of red blood cells is less and less balanced and harmonious.

Mobile Phone+Non-QNL USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone with an ordinary USB key without QNL

The arrangement of red blood cells has visibly not improved since the last picture, which in no way constitutes a manifestation of health and vitality of this blood sample (taken from the ear lobe).

Mobile Phone+QNL USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone call with the QNL

The contrast between this picture and the previous one is obvious to see.  The red cells become round and separate; harmoniously distributed in the available space and flowing freely. 


Negative effects of EMFs and non ionising radiation on humans.

It is interesting to notice that governmental offices start to have an increased interest on this latter kind of effects (= non thermal). Here is for example an official statement from the Federal Office For Environment in Switzerland

case studies


The Effects on Blood

Based on the teaching of Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968), known for his research and hypothesis on the pleomorphism of micro-organism, pleomorphism meaning the interaction of cells, viruses and bacteria with another and their transformation in different forms and discovery of the so called sickle cells (Pauling L, Itano HA, Singer SJ, Wells IC., Sickle cell anemia, a molecular disease. Science 110: 543 (1949)


The Effects on Water

‘As pioneer of the New Energy physics, in 2006 I successfully demonstrated transformation of the quality (degree of centeredness) of the microwave radiation of a cell-phone using a self-created multilayered structure without any electronic components (ie: nano-layer foils) in the form of a holographic device. This new phenomenon which I call ‘Wave Field Centeredness’ (WFC) has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of the renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto.’ (photographed here)

Dr. Lakicevic

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 7.32.39 PM


Waterloo Test on Distance of Efficacy

This study demonstrates that the range of the key grows from 8 meters to 40 meters of protection when it is plugged in.

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