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The protection of privacy and personal data is of fundamental importance to the site. This document (the “Privacy Policy” or simply the “Policy”) describes the rules adhered to by the Site in connection with the treatment of the personal data of users (whether registered or merely visiting).

The capability of providing certain services requested by the user (e.g. processing, sharing and receiving contents, receiving newsletters and other informational communications, making discussion forums available, etc.), the very nature of the internet as an “open” network as well as the web’s technical properties (client-server infrastructure) necessarily imply the gathering and processing of certain kinds of data by the Site, including personal data regarding the user (e.g. the IP address assigned to the device employed by the user while navigating the internet, the unequivocal identifiers of mobile devices, etc.)

By using the Site the user declares his full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Policy, particularly as they refer to the treatment of personal data, described or inferred by the Policy itself, by the Site. If the user does not intend to accept the Policy he must immediately stop using the Site.

The Site reserves for itself the right to change the Policy at any time and in its own discretion. It is incumbent upon the user, as he enters the Site, to check the status of the Policy. Notice of any changes to the Policy and of their effective date is given either on the Site or by personal (e-mail) communication at least 7 days in advance. Once it takes effect the new Policy will automatically be binding for all users. Accessing the Site after the new Policy has taken effect implies the users’ acceptance of any such changes.

Our policy concerning the protection of personal information is described below. We wish you enjoyable surfing on www.5gbioshield.com.

A. Personal Information

The Site may process personal information only in strict compliance with this Policy and/or with applicable statutes. Personal information means any and all information concerning the user not in the public domain, to the extent that the user is identified or identifiable (“personal information”). In particular, data disclosed and/or made available by the user to the world is public-domain non-protected information insofar as the user has not expressly objected to its being processed.

B. Gathering and Processing of Personal Information

The Site processes the following information/data supplied by the user at the time of registration:

  1. a) non-optional data: name and surname/company, full address, telephone number, e-mail address;
  2. b) optional data: occupation, fax number, credit card data, PayPal info.

The Site does not collect personal data worthy of special protection, such as race, ethnic origin, religion or health status.

The Site does not gather or process personal user data unless necessary to allow access to, use of and/or improvement to the Site, subject to these provisions.

Subject to the following, the Site neither processes nor transmits advertising messages predicated upon the online behavior of users; it does not record the users’ online activity nor support the use of tools aimed at monitoring the use of web resources or e-mail.

The Site indicates the purposes for which personal information is gathered or processed – if circumstances do not make them obvious – no later than when such information is gathered. The purposes may be indicated either via the browser or by individual or general notice, or they may refer to this Policy.

Personal information may be processed only within the framework of the purpose indicated or derived from the circumstances at the time of gathering. Thus, if a user sends an e-mail containing a question or a comment, the Site may use his e-mail address to reply to it. The Site may durably store and archive such e-mail, the e-mail address and a copy of the reply.

The Site is authorized to gather and process user-supplied information in order to provide the user with special services such as newsletters and/or to suggest online activities and events – notably of cultural or educational nature – related to the activity of the Site.

Within the framework of its activity the Site uses external suppliers of goods and services (Cloud Computing, IT services, hosting e housing services, legal services, etc.). The Site provides such suppliers with access to personal information to the extent such access is useful or necessary for the proper and efficient performance of their tasks. The transmission of and access to such personal information is subject to the proviso that such third parties, as well as the data, are operating or located in London, UK and have signed a commitment to keep such information confidential and to not use them for reasons unrelated to the performance of their tasks. The Site shall not be liable for the actions of such third parties so long as no serious negligence emerges in terms of the selection, training and supervision of such third parties.

The Site is authorized to convey personal information to third parties – affiliates/sponsors/marketing partners/advertisers – for marketing purposes only upon the express and informed consent of the user (“opting in”), in order to make it possible for the user to receive promotional offers, notices of events and customized advertisements from such third parties directly.

Conversely, the Site is authorized as of now to provide users, at the personal addresses supplied when registering, with information regarding the activity of the Site and messages of business partners, sponsors and advertisers, even with advertising content. The Site is not liable for the actions of such third parties; this applies particularly to the contents of such communications and to the proper fulfillment of any agreements entered into with the user. The latter has the option at any time to request the end of such communications (“opting out”). Any such request should be made in writing to the e-mail address shown in Section I below.

Other personal information, such as e.g. information regarding the use of the Site (IP address, time spent on the Site, services used, activated connections and messages, etc.), is analyzed fully automatically to assess the introduction of new functions, to improve the quality of available services and to optimize the Site’s usability.

The Site does not install nor foster the installation of third-party cookies (except for the services of Google Analytics described hereinafter) and (in general) persistent cookies (evercookies) onto the user’s computer. However, the Site’s own cookies are admitted. A cookie is a file on the computer’s hard drive which may be used to recognize the user’s terminal on the web. Cookies can be used to automatically call up personal information entered on the Site previously (such as user name, password, interests, set-up info or preferences) to avoid having to enter it again on subsequent visits.

In addition, the use of cookies is allowed to automatically customize the Site’s configuration and for system administration purposes. With regard to cookie management the user can set up his browser in such a way as to inform him that a cookie is being received or to block cookies altogether. But if the user shuts out cookies he may experience a somewhat reduced Site functionality.

The Site uses Google Analytics. Thanks to a cookie of its own, Google Analytics anonymously detects the Site users’ navigation information and trends and saves and processes data such as the IP address, the time of the visit to the Site, what pages were viewed, time expended for each page, what connections were activated, whether the visit was the user’s first and the like, in addition to information on the origin of traffic to the Site. Information generated by the cookies are routed to a Google server in the United Kingdom and archived there. Google may potentially transfer such information to third parties if required by law or in the event that third parties are processing such data for the account of Google. Google has promised to comply with data protection provisions under the US-Swiss Safe Harbor agreement. If you wish to disable Google Analytics, the necessary browser add-on can be downloaded from this link

Unless otherwise provided by this Policy or by law, the Site undertakes not to sell, lease, lend, trade or transfer personal information (inclusive of e-mail addresses) to or with third parties and to treat any such information as confidential.

C. Conveyance and Storage of Personal Information

The Site conveys user-related personal information to third parties only if authorized by law, by the Policy or upon the prior consent of the concerned party and provided the addressee has its head office of record/his residence in the United Kingdom or in a country that protects personal data , unless such conveyance is requested or authorized by law or is ordered/authorized by a UK administrative authority.

The Site stores personal information relating to users for as long as such data serves the purpose for which it has been gathered or such storage is required by statute. Within the limits of the law, if the registered user cancels his account all personal information contained therein or to which it may refer will be automatically deleted except for any written or electronic correspondence between the parties.

D. Consent for the Conveyance and Storage of Personal Information

By supplying personal information and/or using the Site the user accepts that such personal information is gathered and processed pursuant to law and/or this Policy.

Depending on circumstances or on the sensitivity of the data supplied by him or processed, the user may be asked to expressly declare his consent to the gathering and processing of personal information. Such consent may be revoked by the user at any time by so advising the Site in the manner indicated in Section I below.

The Site is authorized to gather, use and convey personal information relating to users without obtaining their prior consent if such gathering, use and conveyance is permitted or required by law or in the presence of an order issued by a England, Wales or the United Kingdom judicial or administrative authority.

E. Security

Only authorized persons have access to personal user data within the limits of what is strictly necessary for them to perform their tasks. The Site implements all reasonable and proportionate security measures against unauthorized access, use, conveyance, alteration, loss or destruction of personal user data. These measures are of a technical, physical and organizational nature. However, since the internet is an open network, the Site cannot and does not guarantee an absolute level of protection.

Accordingly, the Site rejects any liability in this connection so long as the damaging event is not the direct consequence of willful or grievously negligent action attributable to the Site. Also, the Site is not in a position to guarantee the confidentiality of data supplied or conveyed via the website or by e-mail. Hence, the Site rejects any liability regarding the security of data in transit via the internet from/to the Site in the manner indicated above.

F. Access to Personal Information

The Site acknowledges the right of every user to access his own personal information free of charge and to verify the accuracy thereof as well as to cause it to be changed, corrected or updated.

Upon request, the user has the right to be told whether and in what manner personal information concerning himself is being processed. In some specific instances – if the law so provides – access to data may be denied. The Site will positively evaluate any user suggestion or complaint regarding its policy on privacy and personal data protection.

G. Connection to Third-Party Sites and Resources

The Site may contain links to sites and other internet resources pertaining to third parties. The Site is in no way liable for the contents, security and usability of such sites and resources; in particular, the Site does not check the policy nor issue any guarantees in matters relating to privacy and personal data protection by such third parties.

H. Owners of the Site and Identity of the Person in Charge of Data Protection

The Site is owned by BioShield Distribution Ltd, Unit 5 Drakes Courtyard, 291 Kilburn High Road, London, England, NW6 7JR. The internal person in charge of data protection may be contacted at the e-mail address indicated in the following Section I.

I. How To Contact Us

If you have any comments and/or questions relating to our Policy and the handling of your personal data, please contact info(at)5gbioshield.com

J. Venue of Competent Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by laws of England and Wales or the United Kingdom, barring the provisions of private international law.

The parties elect laws of England and Wales or the United Kingdom as the sole venue of competent jurisdiction in the event of controversy arising from or relating to the use of the website known as www.5gbioshield.com

K. Adoption and Amendments

This Privacy Policy was adopted on 22nd April 2020.


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