The Quantum Nano Layer BioShield Key

The Quantum Nano Layer BioShield provides the ultimate protection for your home and family, thanks to a portable Quantum Radiation Balancing system which can be carried, or placed near a mobile phone, or any other electrical, radiation or EMF, electrical emitting device.

The USB stick acts as a carrier for the Quantum Nano Layer technology for the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of most forms of imbalanced radiation. The QNL BioShield is active and working 24.7 whereas when the QNL BioShield is activated by a power source through the key, the sphere of active protection expands from 8 meters to 40 meters in diameter, protecting all in its field, both individuals and whole households.

The QNL BioShield Quantum Radiation Balancing technology is the culmination of several decades of dedicated research in multiple countries which resulted in the so called I-Change conscious creation technology with its first expression being the QNL BioShield. The Quantum Nano Layer is imprinted with the frequencies that are required to achieve the effect of balancing out all the negative effects from harmful radiation, as well as many other negative sources. Professor Lakicevic calls this breakthrough technology Radiation Balancing Technology.

QNL BioShield Key


ships worldwide


  • quantum balancing technology
  • protecting your home and family

3x QNL BioShield Key


ships worldwide


  • quantum balancing technology
  • protecting your home and family

How It Works

The QNL BioShield Key balances imbalanced harmful radiation, which then activates the revitalisation of the entire body on a cellular level, bringing it back to the balanced optimal normalcy. By bringing the cells back to optimal frequency in turn this then can help to restore optimal function to all the organic and biological systems in the body, restoring optimal vitality. Measurement of effect on human biological systems can be clearly seen in the analysis.
Jacques Bauer clinical research pharmacist has been studying the effects of the keys on human biology since January, being an expert in this field for many years. These indirect measurements confirm time and time again the efficacy of the QNL Bioshield. In recent double blind placebo studies the effect was shown to be there 100% of the time. Amongst other methods Using Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy we can measure the negative effect of mobile phone use on human blood cells, and then time and time again witness the positive effect on the blood within minutes of coming into contact with the QNL

Quantum Oscillation

Through a process of quantum oscillation the The BioShield USB Key balances and reharmonizes the disturbing frequencies arising from the electric fog induced by devices, such as laptops, cordless phones, wifi, tablets, etc.

Restoring Coherence of Atoms

The BioShield USB Key restores the coherence of the geometry of the atoms, which allows a perfect induction for life forces, by (re-) creating a cardiac coherence, via plasmic support and interactivity.

Emitting Life Force Frequencies

The BioShield USB Key emits a large number of life force frequencies favoring a general revitalization of the body, adjusting them according to the absorption capacity of each respective individual.

This remarkable breakthrough technology is now fully available to the public.


Laki Master

Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Res. Prof.

Research Professor Ilija Lakicevic has dedicated his life to discover self and true concepts and laws of creation. He has worked at institutions as reputable as the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics. At the end of 2000, he left all organized and structured institutions and organizations and began his own independent research. Dr Laki through a deep and lengthy process of internal self discovery was able to discover the truth within himself and in turn understand therefore the truth about who we really are as human beings. It is this discovery that informs all his work. As pioneer of the New Energy physics, in 2006 he successfully demonstrated transformation of the quality (degree of centeredness) of the microwave radiation of a cell-phone using a self-created multilayered structure without any electric and  electronic components (i.e.: nano-layer) in the form of a holographic patch. This new technology which he calls ‘I-Change’ has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto and some other independent measurements.


Jacques Bauer

Clinical Pharmacist, specialised in environmental health, Jacques Bauer worked for a couple of years in the pharmaceutical industry as Clinical Research Associate on both Immune System and Central Nervous System. Because of his interest in the immune system, Jacques specialized in nutritional immunology, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum biology and the impact of electromagnetic waves on the immune system. Jacques works in two major integrative medicine centers: in the Colombier Prevention and Health Center, Switzerland ( and the Institute for Alternative Care and Holistic Therapies, Belgium ( He worked as an ambassador for a Swiss research group, which is collaborating with universities in 3 countries to convert harmful frequencies into a revitalization field favorable for the human body. In 2019 Jacques joined Humanitad & NewEarth University. He is co-founder of New Earth University of Character and Knowledge, dedicated to restoration of the balance and teaching the knowledge to the world.

What people are saying about QNL BioShield

Marsha G. ~ MA, USA

‘I split my time between my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment. We plugged the 5Gbioshield in at his place, and there is now a very calm, healthy feeling there. Even our pets are calmer! When I come back to my place, however, there is more of a background level of un-ease, and I do not…

Tim G. ~ United Kingdom

May 29, 2020  ‘Just to share that we are happy with the product, but that the website seems to be under attack. See below. Love and light,’

Mary P. ~ WI USA

Jun 1, 2020 ‘Hi, I just wanted to let you know that a couple of nights ago I was attacked by the energy coming off of a 5G street lamp near my house. I had such bad leg cramps that I could not move. The Bioshield was on my nightstand and had not been plugged…

Margot Anand international author of “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy” (and many more books)

‘I have used the 5G Bio Shield Key for the last three days. I plug it in my office. I have been amazed how much faster I can do my office work (writing emails, sending organizers what they need to put on my seminars for 2020 world wide, finding photos, communicating with offices around the…

Cathy P. ~ Australia

‘I’ve been using the key for over a week now and I have had a very noticeable improvement in my wellbeing, definitely unlike anything I’ve felt before from other devices I’ve tried I’ve continued to feel extremely calm. I haven’t had the extreme tiredness that I used to have. I haven’t woken with a stressed…

Jo D. ~ Netherlands

‘As far as I understood it does’nt shield me as one from e-link but it harmonise emf energy targeting my body with my own body/aura rdiation. My own innner light is very, very high developed,atma shine visinable through me. Of cource I must NOT lower my frequency by being angry with my obusers or to…