The 5G BioShield Key (QNL)

Quantum Nano Layer BioShield

The QNL BioShield provides the ultimate protection for you, your family, and your home thanks to a portable Quantum Radiation Balancing system which can be carried or placed near a mobile phone, or any other radiation electrical devices.

The USB stick acts as a carrier for the Quantum Nano Layer technology for the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of all forms of imbalanced radiation. The QNL BioShield is actively protecting the human body 24/7 within a sphere of 8 meters in diameter, whereas when the QNL BioShield key is plugged into a power source, the sphere of active protection expands from 8 meters to 40 meters in diameter, protecting all in its field, both individuals and whole households.

The QNL BioShield Quantum Radiation Balancing technology is the culmination of several decades of dedicated research by Prof. Dr. Ilija Lakicevic in multiple countries which resulted in the so called I-Change Conscious Creation Technology, with its first expression being the QNL BioShield. The Quantum Nano Layer is imprinted using a proprietary method utilising the inventor’s conscious intent, which provides an instant balance of all kinds of imbalanced radiation, including 5G, preventing in that way all possible negative effects on all life forms. Professor Lakicevic calls this breakthrough technology Conscious Protection Technology of which Radiation Balancing Technology is just one part.

QNL BioShield Key


ships worldwide


  • radiation balancing technology
  • protecting you, your family, and your home

3x QNL BioShield Key


ships worldwide


  • radiation balancing technology
  • protecting you, your family, and your home


Laki Master

Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Res. Prof.

Inventor of QNL BioShield

Research Professor Ilija Lakicevic has dedicated his life to discover self and true concepts and laws of creation. He has worked at institutions as reputable as the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics. At the end of 2000, he left all organized and structured institutions and organizations and began his own independent research. Dr Laki was able through a deep and lengthy process of self discovery was able to discover the truth within himself and in turn understand therefore the truth about who we really are as human beings. It is this discovery that informs all his work. As pioneer of the New Energy physics, in 2006 he successfully demonstrated transformation of the quality (degree of centeredness) of the microwave radiation of a cell-phone using a self-created multilayered structure without any electric and  electronic components (i.e.: nano-layer) in the form of a holographic patch. This new technology which he calls ‘I-Change’ has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto and some other independent measurements.


Jacques Bauer – Clinical Pharmacist

Overseeing the set up, protocols, and execution of the efficacy studies

Clinical Pharmacist, specialised in environmental health, Jacques Bauer worked for a couple of years in the pharmaceutical industry as Clinical Research Associate on both Immune System and Central Nervous System. Because of his interest in the immune system, Jacques specialized in nutritional immunology, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum biology and the impact of electromagnetic waves on the immune system. Jacques works in two major integrative medicine centers: in the Colombier Prevention and Health Center, Switzerland ( and the Institute for Alternative Care and Holistic Therapies, Belgium ( He worked as an ambassador for a Swiss research group, which is collaborating with universities in 3 countries to convert harmful frequencies into a revitalization field favorable for the human body. In 2019 Jacques joined Humanitad & NewEarth University. He is co-founder of New Earth University of Character and Knowledge, dedicated to restoration of the balance and teaching the knowledge to the world.

Efficacy Study

In response to a recent negative article from the BBC, Clinical Pharmacist Jacques Bauer immediately set up a double blind placebo testing protocol. Over the last few months he has conducted countless double blind placebo study tests with Dr. Natalie Calame at  her well known  health and prevention centre in Colombier, Switzerland.

Here is an excerpt of the complete pilot study which will be published soon, from which a substantial summary is already available under the following reference:

Dark-Field Microscopy is used in the Health and Prevention Center in Colombier ( to observe and evaluate vital blood. Vital blood meaning a fresh drop of blood, right after it was taken from the tip of a finger. A magnification of up to 1000x allows to clearly observe the blood cells and their movements (red and white blood cells etc). Many important indications and information can be gained from the visible form, size, shape and position of the blood components. With the help of a high-end microscope camera, you will examine on a screen the examination and evaluation of your blood with your own eyes in real-time.

JS, male, 46 years old

When entering into the room (blood taken from the ear):

The red blood cells are stacked on top of each other like rolls of coins .They are thus agglutinated to each other and lose the independence and vitality necessary for good oxygenation of the organism.

The efficacy of the QNL key can be gauged and proven by taking biological marker tests before and after exposure to mobile phones, with a USB key without QNL and in the presence of the USB key with QNL attached.

In response to a recent negative article from the BBC Jacques Baur, the clinical researcher leading the project, has conducted countless double blind placebo study tests with Dr Natalie Calame at  her well known  health and prevention centre.


Using the QNL Bioshield, we distinctly notice many white light spots in the background, reminiscent of a starry sky in the blood sample. We call these small particles endobionts or microzymas, which are representative of a healthy and revitalized blood.

Mobile Phone+No USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone without QNL

The situation seems to have gotten worse: many spaces remain empty and the distribution of red blood cells is less and less balanced and harmonious.

Mobile Phone+Non-QNL USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone with an ordinary USB key without QNL

The arrangement of red blood cells has visibly not improved since the last picture, which in no way constitutes a manifestation of health and vitality of this blood sample (taken from the ear lobe).

Mobile Phone+QNL USB Key

After ¼ hour of mobile phone call with the QNL

The contrast between this picture and the previous one is obvious to see.  The red cells become round and separate; harmoniously distributed in the available space and flowing freely. 

This remarkable breakthrough technology is now fully available to the public.

What people are saying about QNL BioShield

Lynne W. ~ FL, USA

‘Thank you! I am very excited  and pleased with how the 5G Bioshield  is already working! I feel so much better at home, both mentally and physically. I want to keep one with me and also give one to my son. So thank you, thank you!’

Anita C. ~ Ireland

‘5GBioShield is a display of the genius of contemplative work, from its inception to its final presentation’ ‘I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The item you have created is not only ingenious but exquisitely beautiful in its design. As if that was not enough, your packaging was remarkable in many ways.  All…

Andrew M. ~ United Kingdom

Sun, May 31, 2020 ‘Really sorry about the ignorant attacking you, the only saving grace is that they reserve attacks like this for things which threaten them, the BBC puppet masters know the 5G shield works, hence this coordinated attack, they would not bother if it did not work!’ ‘I have been sleeping better and…

Joachim H. ~ Germany

‘my alternative practioner measured the impact on my body of your protection with a biophotonic device. The pituary gland blood circulation was improved by 65 per cent!’

Jo D. ~ Netherlands

‘As far as I understood it does’nt shield me as one from e-link but it harmonise emf energy targeting my body with my own body/aura rdiation. My own innner light is very, very high developed,atma shine visinable through me. Of cource I must NOT lower my frequency by being angry with my obusers or to…

Dr David S. ~ Australia

‘I am a member of CC and very thankful for your technology and this is the first device I have purchased to protect myself and family from negative 5G energy. My experience…. well, to revise I am a medical doctor of many years experience, and have put many years towards a PhD in scientific research.…