‘Your Key arrived just a few days ago, and the effect is incredible. I am full of energy, had two visitors, worked in the garden, made grape juice, 5 phone calls and am thinking ” what am I going to do now.”

August 2020
‘I have experienced several radiation devices/products over the last 10-12 years, however, this is the best sofar 🙂
– My sleep was deeper (I don’t have any issues with sleeping, however I absolutely notice an improvement)
– My energy level is way up!
– My head is clearer, my focus better
– I don’t feel that pressure on my eyes
– My nerves feel calmer, I notice less tension in my neck which causes the headaches
– Overall feeling is much more upbeat, lighter, loving, trusting, positive etc
Axel S. ~ Portugal

I feel that it has made a big difference having one in our computers as we use a wi-fi router at home.

Jennifer R ~ HI, USA

Tue, Jun 30, 2020

‘It is here and I felt relief instantly on its arrival

I can not express my gratitude for this technology
I feel it working being in my presence’
Bob E. ~ Ireland

Mon, Jun 8, 2020

‘Hello and Blessings upon you all.

I am a returning customer to 5G BioShield technology. ‘

‘I have previously purchased 2 devices from you & received the CC free device, thank you very much.

I am saddened by the attacks upon your company by the ‘Fake’ media. I believe in your product. Since plugging all three into my electrical outlets, there has been a less dense feeling. Our memories work better and we don’t argue as much.’

‘I feel your technology has a consciousness of it’s own and possibly self aware. Harmonizing and disabling certain signals that do not benefit its programming or itself?…. Food for thought.’

Julia V. ~ Australia

Mon, Jun 8, 2020

‘I have received my product and I’d like to say a huge thank you.

The product is certainly bespoke and it looks beautiful. More importantly, i find it works as you say, as a transmuter and harmoniser. The fact is, I’m not feeling as anxious as I use to, as in, my random bouts of feeling deeply sad or unenergetic has vanished. As soon as I received the product, I felt relaxed and surprisingly, very jovial for absolutely no reason at all. Also, I can breathe better (strange…), I have better control over my thoughts and a clearer headspace.

It’s clear to me that since receiving this product, my quality of life has improved despite having the usual hardships, like any normal person. It’s as if a blockage has cleared.

Again, thank you!’

Shari I. ~ NC, USA

Fri, Jun 12, 2020

‘I plugged one in a few feet from my bed – and that night – I slept 10 hours straight. This is something I thought would never happen to me again. I have no idea how it works or what it is doing – but I can solemnly swear that I have not slept this well in many years and I feel calm and grounded in my own home for the very first time. I am now sleeping between 7-10 hours every night. I feel blessed to have been able to buy these sticks and I HIGHLY recommend anyone sensitive to EMF frequency obtaining one (or more). 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the 5GBioshield company for creating this technology. It’s changed my life.’

Robyn G. ~ New Zealand

4 Jun 2020

‘I understand you are having trouble at the moment and am sending much energy for your success.  I’ll work it out with my bank from this end.’

 ‘I already have one And know they work.  It has improved my heart condition to no end.  I actually hAve a full time job now.  I really need some more.   There has to be a way. ‘

‘Your product is friggen awesome.’

Rene T.

Sat, May 16, 2020

‘Yes,  it took me some time to experience & reading your New energy product.  I wanted to have a relax day to read etc.

Wow it is a wonderful result of your life!!,  i’ll understand your pioneer product;

By buying, the customers start to allow the scientific knowledge/wisdom you present. Ofcourse it’s also about their sense of selfworth by paying a price to you ( actually they give this price to themselves ) wich makes the allowing complete. By allowing , the energy in your product way starts to work for them in the way it is made to work, like a software program! In these times your inventions still look like magic to mainstream consciousness because of lack of understanding ‘ the dynamics ‘. But soon and also thanks to your allowing of this/your technique to manifestate, it will become the LAKIsoftware of the future!  ( ofcourse future is also now) !’

‘It a Masterfull creation you gave to me!   Thanks !  Now you have something to impress the others in ‘the club’…..  ‘

greetings ‘

David L. ~ QC, Canada

‘I would like to share one observation with you since I start to use the Bioshield at home.

I have a not too small tank full of guppy fish. They spawn every spring, replenishing those dead during the winter. Each year with no exception, I always spot a few newborns which would develop some sort of spinal deformations. Previously, I had thought that might be due to some ‘normal’ degenerative cause, as they live in a confined artificial environment, and so it did not surprise me.

This morning while I was cleaning the fish tank, I noticed something different – what caught my eyes was the vibrant colors of this new batch of male fishlings. Like I said above, they usually show signs of degeneration year after year including the loss of colorfulness in the male cohort besides the more observable spinal deformation which occurs mostly in the female cohort. So, I paid special attention then to check all the female fishlings. To my surprise, not a single one of them show any sign of deform. This observation strikes me and suddenly made me realize that (1) there must have existed some reason that caused the ‘degenerative’ phenomena, and (2) some kind of corrective intervention must have been introduced to offset the cause this spring season.

Immediately, it conjured to me that the circulation pump and the heating stick (both run on inductive AC current with very poor electromagnetic insulation/protection) are the strongest EM polluting source in the house, because a few months ago I bought a good RF/EF/EMF detector and ran it throughout my house. So I knew from then, the fish tank equipment was supposedly problematic from an EM pollution point of view, although I could not conclude at the time that the pollution was causing any obvious consequence.

Nevertheless, I bought the 5GBioshield in February (yes, I am a CC follower), and had it since deployed at the center of my house (about 10 meters away from the fish tank, on two different levels). As all the above observations correlate, I am almost certain at this point that your invention is the only reason for the positive change that is clearly happening in my fish tank (despite the fact that some of their parents were dull with deformity). There can be no other explanation!

My guppy has never been so brightly colorful and healthy. Imagine what benefit the Bioshield brings to us human.

Thank you!’

Marsha G. ~ MA, USA

‘I split my time between my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment. We plugged the 5Gbioshield in at his place, and there is now a very calm, healthy feeling there. Even our pets are calmer! When I come back to my place, however, there is more of a background level of un-ease, and I do not feel as well physically. The 5Gbioshield is definitely working!

Thank you for all of your help,’

Margot Anand international author of “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy” (and many more books)

‘I have used the 5G Bio Shield Key for the last three days. I plug it in my office. I have been amazed how much faster I can do my office work (writing emails, sending organizers what they need to put on my seminars for 2020 world wide, finding photos, communicating with offices around the world). I have the impression my brain is so clear and transparent, that I just need to think about what to do and it gets written, sent , accepted, and used within 24 hours ! Amazing. I used to take so long to do these things because I had resistances and thought I could not manage without my office assistant. Now I think about it, and I do it within the hour. Alleluia! What a great tool. It is the new solution for the 22nd century NOW!

I recommend it to anyone who wants to be clear and efficient in their work, and their life. ‘

Yra V. ~ Norway

‘my bees love being here, those just a 100m down the field are a lot less happy


I finally sleep well!!!! -before that it used to be a special occasion occurring 3-5 times a year

I hear you are all working very hard and we are all very thankful for it. In these times it is so reassuring to have support and protection from the bio shield.

My husbands operation went very, he came out the next day with no problems at all!!!  You can imagine how happy I am to spread the word 🙂 ‘

Norris S. ~ KY, USA

June 1 2020

‘When i plugged in the second key the energy in my apartment changed immediately. The energy is joyful and happy. I can feel my crown chakra vibrating. If i focus on the energy i can move it into the other chakras.’

Andrew M. ~ United Kingdom

Sun, May 31, 2020

‘Really sorry about the ignorant attacking you, the only saving grace is that they reserve attacks like this for things which threaten them, the BBC puppet masters know the 5G shield works, hence this coordinated attack, they would not bother if it did not work!’

‘I have been sleeping better and do not feel depressed anymore since using it. I put my second one in my mothers flat, a good test as she did not know what it was, nor could really understand, but I noticed her mood change from being depressed about her age, into being more cheerful, even during this lockdown, she has slept better and been positive, she does not complain about her aches and pains anymore, no placebo effect for her as she has forgotten that it is there.

Hope everything goes well for you, sending positive thoughts.’

Kiora O. ~ Australia

May 29, 2020

‘I have just read the problems you all are going through 🙁 I will hold thoughts for it all to pass with a positive outcome.

Will I still get my stick soon? I have received the first one and it has literally supported all the radiation inflammation calming down and my body and start to repair. We all need this! I need this second one for my husband who will be going out into 5G radiation as a travelling musician.

Bless you all and may God Source be with you and may you all be protected to continue your essential work. My son wants one of your sticks too….he is battling radiation also….’

Mary P. ~ WI USA

Jun 1, 2020

‘I just wanted to let you know that a couple of nights ago I was attacked by the energy coming off of a 5G street lamp near my house. I had such bad leg cramps that I could not move. The Bioshield was on my nightstand and had not been plugged into an outlet for a few weeks. I asked my daughter to plug it into the wall outlet. About 15-30 minutes later the legs cramps subsided an allowed me to sleep the rest of the night.’

Andreas U. ~ Switzerland

May 27, 2020

‘I am delighted to report that the 5GBioShield has arrived yesterday in perfect condition,

and that my experience has been very positive and inspiring from the start!

If you are interested, i’ll share more in a week or two, once i went on public transport, the city etc, which has been

really difficult due to electrosensitivity for years now.’

Tim G. ~ United Kingdom

May 29, 2020 

‘Just to share that we are happy with the product’

Love and light,’

Manuela S. ~ Z. Switzerland

May 31, 2020


Your Stick is more than excellent, it’s a life saver.’

Pierre C. ~ United Kingdom

‘As soon as I plugged the USB shielding keys I thought that I felt peace coming over me.

However it is really the next morning that I felt the difference.

I woke up an hour early, restored and very peaceful.

So I thank you for this great technology.

I look forward to continue to observe the changes in me.’

Mr. Chris F. ~ IN , USA

‘But I would like to say that this is an incredible product. I noticed my field reaching coherence and eliminating the frantic energy. Most importantly it has enabled me to access a higher vibration and help the pineal gland. I am more intentional, and in touch with others on a non verbal level.

Where I live there is wifi and 4-g everywhere, and your bio shield is making it bearable. All of you who have developed this have done an incalculable service to humanity. ‘

Olga A. D. ~ FL, USA

‘After receiving your BioShield key felt clarity and a nice peaceful elevated feeling in my energy field….this is what I have since recorded.

I slept till 7am for the first time in 2 years… Thank you so very much for the extraordinary device .. if there is anything else to learn about using it to its full potential i would love to… with gratitude, ‘

Cathy P. ~ Australia

‘I’ve been using the Bioshield for 3 weeks now. I have had severe electro sensitivity for 11 years and have tried many devices to help with it.

The effects of the Bioshield have been very different from any of those other devices.

Virtually as soon as I plugged it into my laptop I felt an overwhelming sense of an emanating higher consciousness. Tears ran down my face, not from sadness or distress, they just started to flow.

The next effect was the need to yawn, which went on for quite a while. The yawns got deeper and deeper and finally stopped after which I felt much more relaxed.

The first night just before going to sleep I felt an increasingly deep sense of relaxation as if I was sinking down into something. As this went deeper I experienced the understanding that reality was being restructured at a very deep level.

The next morning the dog I was looking after only woke when I appeared at 10am, instead of between 6 and 7, and he was still sleepy. This has never happened in the 7 years I’ve known him.

For the next few nights I slept some hours longer than usual.

Since these events I’ve continued to feel extremely calm. I haven’t had the extreme tiredness that I used to have. I haven’t woken with a stressed heart which used to occur from time to time depending on the electromagnetic environment I was in. I can tolerate places that I couldn’t before.

I believe the BioShield is a very powerful and unique device that also brings change at the level of consciousness.

Thank you so much for creating it.’

Ute P. ~ Germany

‘Immediately when I unpacked the device, I felt a very clear and pure and light energy –

After about 48 hours I noticed a very stable and strong energy  field spreading out in my home, completely  positive and benign, and as if the constant aggressive negative frequencies  , couldn’t get through and harm me anymore. So I notice that I am  no longer constantly struggling with these kinds of interferences, but also the burning pain, often in my head and on my face, or on my back, and a lot of nervousness are gone. I feel much more relaxed and “safe”.

I also want to add: I am hypersensitive to energy and EMF fields and tried many devices, including Tesla technology, but none of them worked so greatly as the 5GBioShield. Thank you so much!

Also I am thrilled by the science on which basis the device has been created. I am not a physicist, but I understand partially with my intuition.’

Daniela C. ~ QC, Canada

‘I plugged  the BioShield Key in at work and it seems to clear the energy of the place around my desk.

One minute and a half after I plugged it, I felt something wrong disappeared in the air.

The people I work with, seems to be more happy and they laugh more. The ambiance is more serene.’

David W. ~ United Kingdom

‘I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I certainly felt a certain ‘calming’ since inserting the key into my laptop! ‘

Octavia G. ~ United Kingdom

‘I felt a difference as soon as I plugged in my BioShield.   Even the birds and other animals I look after are happier and more energetic. They seem to be visiting me more.  thank you so much to you all at 5G BioShield.’

Lynne W. ~ FL, USA

‘Thank you! I am very excited  and pleased with how the 5G Bioshield  is already working! I feel so much better at home, both mentally and physically. I want to keep one with me and also give one to my son. So thank you, thank you!’

Sheenagh M. ~ United Kingdom

‘I look forward to receiving my second 5G BioShield. The first one is great and I haven’t had headaches since using the BioShield.

Best wishes


‘I’m actually blown away about how amazing my BioShield is  it is.  I could feel it working immediately I’m absolutely delighted with it

Thanks so much to you all’

Linda B. ~ United Kingdom

‘I am extremely happy with the change in my well being since the  arrival of BioShield. ‘

Barbara MV S. ~ ID, USA

Thank you so much I received my bioshield today. The packaging is immaculate and beautiful. Most importantly I can feel the protection and grace already after 10 minutes. In the river of gratitude for your work in bringing this balanced radiation technology and energy to the world. Thank you.

All is well in all of creation.

All Blessings and Appreciation

Scott M. D. ~ Switzerland

‘Our 3 BioShield sticks are in regular use and we sense the energetic shift and protective impact of the devices both at home and afield.’

Tom N. ~ Sweden

‘I must say that my dreams have becoming very harmonic since i started to use the 5G BioShield!! ’

Sherae K. ~ OR , USA

‘ we have had our sticks for about a week now and have noticed a huge difference in our living space.  Thank you! Thank you!! ‘

Zarko M. ~ CA, USA

‘Thank you so much for your delivery. I feel very excited about rebuilding my health after many years of suffering from toxic EMF pollution from smart meters, cellphones, and computers. I am very much grateful for your product,  5GBioShield. ‘

Edward D. ~ Austria

‘Thank you soo much !!! After just three days of the BioShield in my house, my brain fog and fatigue are  gone, and I feel like i have 100% more energy ‘

Cathy P. ~ Australia

‘I’ve been using the key for over a week now and I have had a very noticeable improvement in my wellbeing, definitely unlike anything I’ve felt before from other devices I’ve tried

I’ve continued to feel extremely calm. I haven’t had the extreme tiredness that I used to have. I haven’t woken with a stressed heart which used to occur from time to time depending on the electromagnetic environment I was in. I can tolerate places that I couldn’t before. 

I believe the Bioshield is a very powerful and unique device that also brings change at the level of consciousness.

Thank you so much for creating it.’

Nathalie V. ~ CA, USA

‘I received the USB key and it’s beautiful. I am so grateful for this technology. Thank you. ‘

Dominic W. ~ United Kingdom

‘Hello, I received my 5G BioShield Key on the 10th of December 2019 and I am pleased to report that I am happy with it so far and I believe it is having a positive effect.’

Anita C. ~ Ireland

‘5GBioShield is a display of the genius of contemplative work, from its inception to its final presentation’

‘I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The item you have created is not only ingenious but exquisitely beautiful in its design.

As if that was not enough, your packaging was remarkable in many ways.  All of this speaks to me about the people you are, so I want you to know that I appreciate you as well as what you are doing, namely, contributing towards a new heaven on earth.

With abiding gratitude’

Margarita J. ~ ON, Canada

‘I’m happy to know that the USB stick can be plugged into an outlet at night. I’ve been using the BiosShield USB key for a week now and I can affirm that it definitely works as stated in the information you forwarded. I’m now able to sit at a computer as I used to many years ago without experiencing any negative symptoms.

Maximum Thanks to you and your associates for making this technology available!’

Patricia M. ~ FL, USA

‘The moment I opened the package and unwrapped the 5G BioShield, was surprised to feel the plasma  emanating from the key! It has a velvety smooth feeling. Then I plugged it into my laptop that was turned off but charging and let the plasma field fill the room. I am able to actually see the electric fog that is emitted from phones and computers. The fog from an average phone or laptop  can be over 5 ft tall and looks like a spray of a fountain with a fine mist that reaches far and wide, lingering in a room and space for hours that makes the atmosphere dense. It has been making me sick and unable to use my devices without difficulty. Now I wear the 5G BioShield key in the velvet pouch tucked into my clothes discreetly wherever I go, and plug it into the wall at night in the USB wall charger that belongs to my iPhone. I also turn my WiFi off intermittently, never sleep with it on, and also wear the key when I watch television because the screen projects a electro magnetic field that feels strong and uncomfortable. I’m very grateful for the inventors of this product and will be purchasing more in the future.’


‘I love the  5G BioShield   – my anxiety immediately went down and the 2nd one goes to a deserving spiritual friend. So appreciative for all you all are doing. keep up the good work to save our planet.

Blessings, ‘

Danny G. ~ United Kingdom

‘Took delivery of my biokeys today feeling better already!! Gridded my house. Phone isn’t hurting my hands, no foggy head in the home etc. I have an aquired brain injury so I’m highly sensitive to ‘EMF’

Thank you for all your selfless work!! ‘

Jo D. ~ Netherlands

‘Your shield works wonderful to protect me, I never expected to. I have many plugins home from E-link and others but they do not protect me as that one. Yours in stead trully lessens attacs on my body, unforunately my eyes are still under attack but not as much brutal as before. Please accept my deep geatfulness for your invention.’

Jo D. ~ Netherlands

‘As far as I understood it does’nt shield me as one from e-link but it harmonise emf energy targeting my body with my own body/aura rdiation. My own innner light is very, very high developed,atma shine visinable through me. Of cource I must NOT lower my frequency by being angry with my obusers or to have selfpitty, So they help me to keep on track positive emotions and thoughts – which is the way to ascention, by targetting me I develope vaster my divinity 😉 ‘

Joachim H. ~ Germany

‘my alternative practioner measured the impact on my body of your protection with a biophotonic device. The pituary gland blood circulation was improved by 65 per cent!’

Dr David S. ~ Australia

‘I am a member of CC and very thankful for your technology and this is the first device I have purchased to protect myself and family from negative 5G energy.

My experience…. well, to revise I am a medical doctor of many years experience, and have put many years towards a PhD in scientific research. I put one USB device under my pillow, expecting nothing to happen… actually I totally forgot it was there but … later that evening I felt a strange ‘tingling’ feeling in my chest which was strangely pleasant. I was very surprised at this because it was quite a strong feeling and actually I had forgotten about the USB device under my pillow. I then had to travel some distance to stay for two nights in a motel. I decided to put the USB device under the pillow again to see if a different location made any difference. Interestingly I felt the same strong, pleasant sensation in my chest. I slept so well I cannot even explain how nice it felt. It was strange, but good. After this I was convinced the device actually had some positive effect on me and for the first week or so it was the strongest, but now it feels normal. I suspect the USB device has in some way normalised my energy to be as it should, and not negative or harmful.’

‘My wife, on the other hand… did not seem to notice the feeling in her chest under the pillow but she was amazed at the strong positive feeling she felt when she held the USB device in her hand. She said she had a strong ‘tingling’ feeling when she held it in either hand.’

‘Exactly what this means I cannot say for sure but I can say we both had an amazing positive feeling by being in proximity to the USB device and it clearly felt good or pleasant. I can only encourage others to try and I welcome further scientific studies to validate the device as it seems to show strong promise to help from negative radiation.

Dr David S. ~ Australia

A small spider had positioned itself precisely over the nanocrystal layer and stayed there for about two days before moving on. These spiders are easily frightened and are rarely seen out in the open like this, but especially not for so long. Occasionally it would run around the other side of the USB, but would soon return and sit over the white circle once more.

Kind regards, ‘

Dr David S.

* Update

‘The lovely Spider has returned and sits right on top of the sticker! One week later’

Tor A. H. ~ Norway

‘Thank you very much for the bioshield USB.

I very quickly sensed its calming effect on the energy-field in my home. It also had a distinct positive effect on the geopatic stress which has been bothering me. I have tried different items, but with varying results. The bioshield calmed it . It also feels to have a very positive influence on my body.’

Fabrizio S. ~ Switzerland

‘Here is my lived experience.

Injured to the lateral lateral ligament of the knee (recurrence), during a snowshoe outing. I had to go to the emergency room the next day because I just couldn’t walk without limping very low.

The emergency doctor prescribed me a splint … which I already had, following my first injury.

Unmotivated to have to go through this solution, because driving impossible, I tried energy medicine.

By applying rituals and especially by putting the 5gBioShield USB key next to my bed.

One night later, when I woke up, I didn’t even remember that I had hurt myself.

It was once in the shower that I realized that apparently no pain was present.

“Worse”, when I went to the garage to get my car, I even took the stairs, something completely impossible the day before.

I do not know how to explain this lightning cure, but it is not the result of chance.

THANK YOU to the developers of this great key. Source of absolute well-being.’

Laura C. P. ~ NH, USA

Apr 14, 2020

Within minutes of opening my Bio tool yesterday afternoon,  a hives effect became Very pronounced on my scalp…as I put all 10 fingers around my head, there were painful welts rising up everywhere!!  

It felt horrific but I tried not to panic… I was  thinking,”OMG, what is happening to me?”

In less than 30 minutes, this extreme discomfort gradually subsided…

It was so Amazing!! 

There was no mistaking it… I could  actually feel a new sense of a warm well-being  entering my body…slowly but surely!!

As I looked at the tiny “key” object of crystal & rose-gold, I wondered how was this possible?

How did it do this? 

It had all happened so fast &  I knew it had begun immediately upon my opening the small package!!

By now,  all the welts are gone.  The painful aching & itching are over now, too.  

It seems miraculous!!

Upon awakening this morning,  I’m feeling truly balanced & harmonized…

I’m also noticing that 

a troubling vertigo, only experienced upon arriving here in New Mexico,

is now much weaker and seems nearly gone.  

I’m so grateful

In short,  I’m now feeling

Very Comfortable inside my own body.  Feeling this good,  I’m bound to share with you that I’m looking forward to the rest of my Life!!?

Many Many Thanks to YOU ALL for the blessings following this spontaneous 


With Gratitude &

Kindest Regards,

Laura C. P. 


(Doctor of Musical Arts)

Barbara B. ~ IL, USA

‘In Scientific Research, towards the end of Master File, with his scientific research we find Prof Fritz Albert Popp. Later on there is Status of respective meridians with quite impressive results of before and after Bioshield applications. In 1970s, Prof Popp confirmed existence of biophotons as a language of the cells and that every living, healthy cell emanates impulses at the speed of over 100,000 per sec. I’m stating this only because a couple of years ago I have a chance to study his documented achievements.

I’m Biontology (BT) practitioner or biophoton therapist. By targeting the underlying signals with investigation of acupuncture points associated with particular organs and meridians, with quite sophisticated device, BT addresses the root of all physical, emotional and soul aliments. To find  energetic disturbances which impede natural healing processes, first, by communicating with body’s different organ systems, measured is biophoton coherence and later informational remedies are found to correct incoherence.

Hours before delivery I did husband BT session. With earlier delivery, after half an hour USB activation charge and his a few hours close to the devise presence, his meridian points were measured again. To our amazement, the strength of energetic responses was increased about 25-30%!

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation with our sincere cordial THANK YOU. We feel privileged and remarkable lucky with God given opportunity to actively benefit from your remarkable achievement. Looking forward to training Webinar and with quite special promotion to my (CC) Bioshield,

with blessings and gratitude, sending respect and in light loving energy,’

Oliver A. R. ~ BC, Canada

‘I have to say, that I am so impressed, as it is truly working for me, as you have advertised. When I plugged in the Key, I felt a sense of calm and well-being right after about two minutes or so. It then felt like a gradual release of tension leaving my fore head and chest area at the same time. This seemed to occur throughout the course of the rest of that day.

An hour later, after it was plugged in, I felt a bit tired and exhausted that I decided to lie down for a nap. I woke up refreshed an hour and half later. Later on I experienced my first good-nights-sleep, that I had in a long time. When I woke up, I remembered that the energy around me felt like the energy I remember feeling as a teenager in the 80s. I only became aware of the similarity the moment I woke up from my first deep and well rested sleep, which I finally was able to have for the first time in a very long time. I even remembered vividly a couple of my dreams and more in detail than other times.

I am actually thinking now of possibly buying a couple more in the near future for my family.’

Elizabeth S. ~ WA, USA

‘it sure makes me feel safer because I have so many devices around me.

I have been feeling better but that started before I received it.

I think my sleep has been better. ‘

Zara K. ~ United Kingdom

‘I have been having so much benefit from the bio-shield – a real life saver I feel as I am badly effected by EMF frequencies.’

Aarn T. & Devi B. ~ New Zealand

‘ an expression of deep gratitude for the marvellous device you have produced. We are so appreciative as we are quite sensitive to EMFs and using the Bioshield has revolutionised our experience of modern life.. We feel cocooned and protected like no other such devices have ever done.’

Aarn T. & Devi B. ~ New Zealand

‘I am emailing to share a testimonial from my partner Aarn. Aarn recently travelled from Christchurch, New Zealand to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. On the first long haul flight, he plugged his BioShield into the USB port on the back of the seat in front of him. He said the affect was significant. This was the first long haul flight he has ever enjoyed and actually been able to sleep through. He usually dislikes air travel and finds it very difficult to sleep. So, this was a clear example of the effectiveness of the device. He was so happy.


Thanks so much! I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or not, but I have a growing feeling of well being that comes directly from my instinctual survival drive deep in my belly center. It is surreal because I have suffered so much over the last ten months on many levels. So I am centering myself, breathing deeply and practicing Presence. But most of all allowing the goodness of the Beloved (as I call the absolute and others call God) to unfold my fate.


I have suffered from fatigue and irregular sleeping patterns for a long time. With difficulties falling asleep, and waking up with a feeling of intense stress in my body. My heartbeat has been very fast with regular chest pain.

I´ve also felt dizzy, with nausea, headaches and difficulty to focus or concentrate most times when I’m in an area or in a building/room with 4G and especially now when they have changed it to 4,5 G.

And, I´ve also suffered from mood swings and symptoms of depression, for about 2 years.

I was amazed to experience, that within 2 weeks of always being close to the 5G BioShield, my sleeping patterns changed and became natural again. I now fall asleep easy and I wake up feeling deeply rested, without any stress in my heart or pain in my chest.

I ´ve also experienced a change in my mood for the better, and the symptoms of depression are gone.

Since I got the 5G BioShield I’ve felt more mindful with an increased lust for meditation and stillness. It feels like there is a new warmth in my chest, and I experience an intense appreciation for the present moment, that I haven´t felt since I was a kid. Reality feels clear and crisp, and my thinking feels more expansive and positive.

I´m also so happy that I can walk around in the city, and spend time in places where I used to get really bad headaches or nausea before, and feel completely fine!

I can use wifi for hours if I have too, without feeling any symptoms, compared to earlier when I used to feel bad after only a few minutes.

There is also a change in my focus and concentration, both have improved.

It feels like with this BioShield, I´ve got my health, my optimism and my freedom back. I feel safe and protected, and I´m deeply grateful!

Warmth & Gratitude


I’ve been using the Bioshield for 3 weeks now. I have had severe electro sensitivity for 11 years and have tried many devices to help with it.

The effects of the Bioshield have been very different from any of those other devices.

Virtually as soon as I plugged it into my laptop I felt an overwhelming sense of an emanating higher consciousness. Tears ran down my face, not from sadness or distress, they just started to flow.

The next effect was the need to yawn, which went on for quite a while. The yawns got deeper and deeper and finally stopped after which I felt much more relaxed.

The first night just before going to sleep I felt an increasingly deep sense of relaxation as if I was sinking down into something. As this went deeper I experienced the understanding that reality was being restructured at a very deep level.

The next morning the dog I was looking after only woke when I appeared at 10am, instead of between 6 and 7, and he was still sleepy. This has never happened in the 7 years I’ve known him.

For the next few nights I slept some hours longer than usual.

Since these events I’ve continued to feel extremely calm. I haven’t had the extreme tiredness that I used to have. I haven’t woken with a stressed heart which used to occur from time to time depending on the electromagnetic environment I was in. I can tolerate places that I couldn’t before. 

I believe the BioShield is a very powerful and unique device that also brings change at the level of consciousness.

Thank you so much for creating it.