Dear Customer

Welcome to the 5GbioShield Family! 

Our goal is not only to provide you with the most advanced technological means to effectively counter the environmental threats to you and your family, but also to access a field of knowledge that will allow you to better understand the nature of the issues we face today, and therefore deal with them in the most effective way. In other words: Protection and Teaching are the watchwords of this initiative.

We are supplying you with links to various teaching resources on the Science and Research section of our website. Feel free to share them widely with your loved ones! We invite you to join our Sales Affiliate Scheme to disseminate 5GBioShield across your own network. Become an affiliate here.

For those among you who already ordered a 5G USB key, we are delighted to invite you, your family and your friends to a free access full-day training webinar, led by led by 5GBioShield inventor Dr. Prof. Lakicevic and Biohazard Expert Jacques Bauer. Webinar schedules will be posted on the website.

You will also have permanent access to a constantly updated database which will launch with the frst webinar in Q1 2020.

These webinars will be held on a quarterly basis, and will allow you to deepen your knowledge about yourself, true concepts and laws of creation, and about environmental health, including: fractals, holograms, vibrations, quantum physics, epigenetics, free energy, conscious creation, new conscious energy and its unit Deca, new science of love, consciousness, balance and unity, and many other themes. For those who have specific skills to promote or share, our platform invites you to exchange knowledge and information within this family.


We hope to propel you to the forefront of awareness around the weaponisation of the biosphere, so that you can, knowingly and freely, make the most relevant choices in your lives. This is our creed, these are our actions and this is our commitment!

May wisdom be ever present goal in our journey through living.


The 5GBioShield Team